Natural Shilajit

98% of people living in developed countries are MINERAL DEFFICIENT

This is mainly due to commercial agriculture containing less than 5% of the mineral matrix that nature intended

In essence the earth is made of minerals, our body is made of them, they activate all the catalysts for enzymatic reactions, they activate vitamins, they activate all the organs and cellular structures of the body. 

Minerals are the builders of the system.

WE CANNOT THRIVE without minerals

Now lets understand SHILAJIT

Shilajit is a product of over 6,500 different species of ancient plants that alchemize within mountain ranges to form one black, resin-like substance we know as shilajit.

Powerful monsoons and increasing pressure cause this resin to seep from the cracks of mountains to be harvested

Indigenous tribes first discovered the powers of shilajit when they noticed monkeys scaling dangerous terrain for the sake of consuming this substance

Over a long period of time observing these monkeys, those who seemed to snack on the shilajit resin were the strongest, most intelligent and long lived of the bunch.

Through laboratory analysis, shilajit contains a full spectrum of EVERY essential mineral our bodies need

Shilajit is also one of the MOST nutrient dense foods on the planet

With the global mineral deficiency crisis, and an overall lack of nutrient density in food due to soil erosion, shilajit is an ABSOLUTE MUST for you to maintain optimal health in todays world

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