Astrology Consultations

Astrology is an ancient technique of pattern synthesis relating the celestial environment to our corresponding psyche

As above so below, so famously stated by Hermes Trismegistus in the ancient laws of Hermeticism

To put it simply, astrology works because consciousness is one dynamic entity

Upon birth each individual takes on the unique experience of consciousness at that moment.

This is what we see as “Your Birth Chart”

This unique moment of consciousness is engraved in your experience throughout the entirety of your life.

It is the job of the astrologer to be adept enough at interpreting the symbolic story characterized in your natal chart

Astrology consultations

Do you want to understand your own psyche with exponentially more depth?

Do you want to accelerate the journey of knowing thyself, as understood by Aristotle as the path to wisdom?

A natal chart consultation will provide insight into the multifaceted layers of your psyche and progress you on the journey to wisdom and growth

In every 60-minute consultation, I:

1. Explain what specific promises your natal chart entails for this life

2. Offer insight into your own personal heros journey through an evolutionary astrological lens 

3. Contextualize the themes of your future self based on ancient timing techniques

I am excited to assist you on this journey of self realization


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The price of $105 dollars for an hour consultation

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